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Save money while discovering the

best venues, events and drinks

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with the best venues, events & drinks. 

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Join thousands of people

helping each other to

Never Miss Out.

📲 Download the free app now and start with 10 Nocto tokens (Nocs).

💸 Save money on drinks, event tickets or dinner by using your Nocs.

📸 View posts from friends and like-minded people to see the music, atmosphere, and food from bars, clubs, restaurants and events.

🥂 Inspire others by sharing your own experiences and get rewarded.

📍 Find trendy hotspots, tasty food, and cool events near you.
Anything from a day out, pub quiz, club night or a festival.

🏆 Spin the Wheel of Fortune for exciting prizes, everyday for free.

✨ Make great memories and meet new friends.


How do I earn more Nocto tokens (Nocs)?

In principle: 1 Noc is €1 discount.

Noc icoon

+1 Noc

€1 saved


Checking in

to a venue 

Noc icoon

+1 Noc

€1 saved


Sharing your experience

as a Post 

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+1 Noc

€1 saved


Every 5 likes

on your Post

Noc icoon

+1 Noc

€1 saved


Win in the

Wheel of Fortune

Noc icoon

+10 Nocs

€10 saved


Per friend that

joins with your

referral code


Happy Users

“Nocto has completely transformed how I explore the city's nightlife.
It's a game-changer!”

Toon Punie

“I love how Nocto has made discovering new places so effortless. The rewards are an added bonus!”

Emie Verhoeven

“Nocto has connected me to some amazing spots and experiences.
Highly recommend it!”

Alexa Hunter

About Us

Our Vision

"To be the trusted global leader in digital hospitality solutions,

by developing innovative technology that creates unforgettable experiences,

cultivates relationships, and promotes growth for all stakeholders." 

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