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The social media platform for connecting consumers, hospitality, event organizationsand brands

The problem

Suppliers have either little or not any understanding of their customer’s demographics and behaviors. They are looking for more affordable and scalable marketing and sales channels.


Reaching consumers aged 18 to 35 costs a lot of money. There are also often high costs to grow B2B sales through an account manager. In addition, there is no incentive for customers to promote the brand. How nice would it be if you could make the customers ambassadors of your brand? This is how you will stand out as a brand in the competitive market.


How does it work?

In the Nocto app, you will find the best events and hotspots. As a customer, you will never miss out on anything. In the app, customers can post real-time pictures and videos taken in hospitality locations and events and easily share them with others. For the first time, consumers have been rewarded for posting content with digital tokens called Noc. These tokens can be spent on different deals in hospitality locations and events. As a social media app, Nocto is seen as an Instagram for the hospitality industry.


Various types of hospitality locations use the Nocto business platform; activity centersbars, clubs, hotels, lunchrooms, and restaurants. They have access to many different functions that contribute to increasing the turnover. Customers share photos and videos from venues with their friends and anyone looking for a hotspot. They also promote all events and deals to a relevant target group. Hospitality locations determine what, when and how many deals they would like to offer. All this ensures that data is collected. Then the gathered data is used to ensure recurring visits. The platform is easy to manage by yourself, but the Nocto team will always be there for you.  In this way, we ensure that Nocto contributes to the growth of your company.


Hospitality locations can offer deals to promote specific days and times during the week, such as a 2-for-1 cocktail deal. It is also possible to offer a brand deal, for example, a 2-for-1 Ketel1 Hard Lemonade. The new drink from Nolet Distillery that they want to bring to the attention of the target group.

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What value do we provide?

The value 

Nocto is a data-driven marketing & sales channel for suppliers. We help suppliers to promote their brand to a relevant target group (Direct-to-Consumer), act as an additional sales force in the field, and obtain demographic and behavioral insights from consumers to find out who is consuming the brand. In that way, you as a supplier will build a competitive advantage in no time.



“Thanks to our partnership with Nocto, we were able to make contact with more than a hundred new catering customers in the first 2 months, and significantly increase the (online) visibility of our KETEL 1 Hard Lemonade. Conversely, we actively promote Nocto to our consumers, and in this way we strengthen and inspire each other to make and share beautiful memories.” - Mady Hogenboom, Brand Manager - Nolet Distillery

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