Carpe Noctem – Seize the Night

Our social media app for nightlife is targeting locals, expats and tourists and helps them find bars, clubs and the best events near them. How? This is possible due to the Nocto users sharing nightlife experiences with each other through the app to help others find the perfect party for them. In this post, we will focus on the business-to-consumer (B2C) solution that we have created and how engagement is rewarded with our digital token — the Noc. Imagine This:

It’s Saturday night, you’ve been relaxing all day, the couch gets boring, and suddenly you feel like going out. You even convinced your flat mate to join you. But what’s going on in the city center? Which bars are busy and how is the atmosphere? Or should we go to a club? What kind of music do they play? How much is the entry fee? You and your friend are in your favorite bar, but it’s time to head to the next. It’s getting kind of late. You suggest a place, but your friend has heard of a new bar. How do you decide which event to go to?


NOCTO’s app lets you browse through events in your city and see Insights (photos and videos) posted by other users within a 10km radius around you. This immediately helps you make the correct decision, especially when you’re in a new city where you are not familiar with the city. Thanks to the integrated map, you can also get directions or order an Uber in just 1 click.

Why Should you Post Insights? To begin with, your Insights help others improve their night out, and when it’s you looking for a good place to go you’ll be happy to see the Insights of others. Second, Nocto rewards you for posting high-quality and appreciated Insights. Every 10th like on your posts is rewarded with 1 Noc – our in-app token. You also earn 1 Noc for every friend you invite to the platform and, after our next update, you can even complete achievements that reward you with even more Nocs.

When you download the app for free, your first three Nocs on us! They will be saved in your wallet. Having Nocs is great, because you can spend them to buy nightlife experiences (Deals) as offered by Verified Venues (venues using our Business Platform). It’s completely up to the venues to decide which kind of deals they offer and at what price, but since they do so to attract you, it’s in their interest to offering interesting and price-worthy Deals. Deals can range from drinks, entrances, queue skips, backstage access, meet & greets, VIP tables, shisha, and pretty much anything in between. When you buy a deal, this screen will pop up and you will need the bartender/venue staff to swipe it:


Once you are within 100 meters of a venue, you can check in via the Nocto app and post Insights of the terrace, bar, people, drinks and whatever you believe captures the atmosphere that you would like to share with others. Help us increase our user base by downloading and using the app, posting insights and telling your friends about the platform.

“Be at the right place, at the right time and be rewarded with deals for

Check out our website https://www.noctoapp.com or contact us at info@noctoapp.com for any questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback!