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Nocto: The Innovative Nightlife Startup Changing How People Party!

Nocto is a recent revelation to the entertainment industry that optimizes European nightlife. Our motto is “know before you go!” – which is hard to do when we have so many options around, but little real-time information. Clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and more are also fighting for your attention, but inefficiently reaching the masses. Have you ever typed “events near me” into Google? That will not be necessary again by downloading Nocto! This post explains the app’s concept along with how and why it came to be.


Founded in January 2017 in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Nocto addresses two key voids in the nightlife industry:

  • 1) For People: Nocto tackles the problem of inefficient experience discovery and the lack of a functional reward for sharing experiences and contributing to the community.
  • 2) For Businesses: Nocto tackles the impersonal relationship venues have with their audience, the inefficiency of event promotion and the lack of understanding of customer demographics, behaviors and desires.

Founder & CEO David Franzén discovered the missing link while studying at the Rotterdam School of Management:

“I was interested in the nightlife scene and asked myself: Why are people spending time, money and energy and still sometimes being disappointed? There must be a way to know what is going on around me in real time, and to not be limited to what my friends are doing. The venues also lack the understanding of what the people want, and therefore they find it harder to offer unique experiences.”

- David Franzén, CEO

He realized that two seemingly unrelated problems can be solved simultaneously, so Nocto started building 2 interlinking solutions: one for the people (Nocto’s mobile app - download links below) and another for businesses (Nocto’s Business Platform - www.noctoapp.club).


Nocto’s mobile app enables people to be at the right place at the right time and helps them make the most of where they are. Event discovery is made easy with our efficient and location-based events list. The Insights tab shows you real-time pictures & videos from within the events around you, so you can get a feel for the music, atmosphere and attendance. When you are within 100m of a venue, you can Check In and upload your own Insights, which will be seen by everyone within 10km. For every 10 likes you earn 1 Noc (Nocto’s digital token), that you can spend to buy nightlife experiences likes drinks, entrances, queue skips & more! The community enables friends and strangers alike to help each other Seize the Night!

Nocto’s Business Platform is a data-driven marketing & CRM tool for nightlife Venues (bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels) and Groups (artists, event organizers and festivals). The platform improves your visibility to the relevant people, improves your ability to attract a larger audience, and enables you to create and deepen the relationships you have with your clients. Venues and Groups can register and sign up via https://www.noctoapp.club.

By targeting both market segments, Nocto serves a niche purpose that positions it in the middle of a global and growing industry like no other provider has done before. With first focus on Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft, the Nocto team is working hard to grow the local userbase and the number of Venues and Groups using the service. The rest of 2018 will be spent establishing Nocto as the leading nightlife community in the Netherlands, after which 2019 will be strong year of growth throughout Europe.

Check out our website https://www.noctoapp.com or contact us at info@noctoapp.com for any questions or comments. We appreciate your feedback! Enjoy Nocto, and feel free to share this blog post!