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Privacy Policy

Version 1.0, valid from 20 May 2018


Welcome to the website of Nocto, & When you enter and use our website, please take note of the terms of this disclaimer. 



  • web page: every web page, part of the domains and, in which the editor has placed a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the intention to make it applicable to that web page

  • editor: the authorized editor of the web page

  • user: every private person or legal entity making use of the web page

  • use: amongst others to load, to log on, to inquire, to consult, to read, to examine, to listen, to edit, to fill in, to send, to copy, to store, to forward, to spread, to use offered services, to commit acts of law

  • content: amongst others texts, images, lay-out, design, hyperlinks, video- or sound clips and any other objects on the web page

  • damage: direct or indirect and consequential damages of any nature, such as loss of data, loss of business, loss of income/profit, and any other economic disadvantage



This disclaimer is applicable to this web page. By using the web domains or and its main- and subpages, the user agrees unconditionally with this disclaimer.





The editor provides the contents of this webpage ‘as is’, without any guarantee concerning its soundness, fitness for a specific purpose or otherwise. All contents on this web page have been prepared for general information purposes only to permit you to learn more about Nocto and the services we provide. The information presented may not be current and is subject to change without notice. Despite the efforts of the editor to present all information as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible, some information might be inaccurate and/or incomplete and/or out-of-date. The editor excludes liability for any damages that (may) occur as a result of or are related to the use - either legitimate or illegitimate - of this web page.



The editor excludes liability for the contents of any file or expression provided by third parties which are connected to or published on this web page, as well as for the contents of any web page of third parties that may be accessed via hyperlinks on this web page. The inclusion of files or expressions from third parties on this web page does not mean that the editor confirms or encourages their contents. The inclusion of hyperlinks on this web page does not imply any association or relationship between the editor and the third party and does not constitute or imply any endorsement, approval or sponsorship of the third party by the editor, or the endorsement, approval or sponsorship of the editor by the third party. The hyperlinks do not imply legal authority to use any protected rights of others reflected in the (contents of the) hyperlinks. The editor does not vouch for or assume any responsibility for the content, accuracy or completeness of contents presented directly or indirectly on hyperlinked sites.



Despite the efforts to make the web page accessible to the public at all times, this may not always be the case. The editor excludes liability for any damages that (may) occur as a result of or which are related to the impossibility to consult the (contents of) the web page. The editor reserves the right to take the web page (temporarily) offline, block access to the web page and monitor access to the web page. Where this webpage allows you to submit information, this is at your sole risk. It is not a guarantee that your information is received. No expectations can be derived from submitting information.



Improper and/or unauthorized use of this web page constitutes an infringement of the (intellectual property) rights of the editor and/or other third parties that may have contributed to this web page, unless prior written consent has been given by the rightowner(s). No part of the texts, images, artwork, lay-out, design, trademark and logos, and any other contents displayed on this web page may be copied, reproduced, stored, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical - now known or hereafter invented - without the prior written consent from the editor. Unless prior written consent has been given by the editor, the user agrees not to link the contents on this web page to another website, nor to associate or frame (the contents of) this web page with another website or with any other materials belonging to any other entity.



The user releases the editor and its business partners of liability and of any judicial and extrajudicial measures, including costs of (legal) representation, which are the result of or are in any way related to the use of this web page and/or infringements on rights of third parties.



Any disputes concerning this web page and its contents shall be governed by Dutch law and shall be exclusively adjudicated by the district court of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement or as expressly required by local law, any notice to us shall be given by either;

  1. certified postal mail to: Nocto International B.V., Churchillplein 44, 3011 EW Rotterdam, The Netherlands, or

  2. by email to:


Any notice to you shall be given to the email address that you provided us during the registration process.


Notice given by postal mail shall be considered given five (5) days after receiving the mailing in our postbox.


Notice shall be considered within 48 hours after the mail has been received.


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous to your health, please consume in moderation.


© Nocto International B.V. 2016-2022

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