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Event Organisations

The data-driven marketing platform
for event organizers.

How does Nocto add value to event organizations?

Together with our team, we ensure that Nocto contributes to the growth of your organization. Do you want to promote your events to the nightlife target audience or ensure that customers come to your event earlier? Everything is possible. Add your event to the event list, let customers promote your event, organize a giveaway via the Nocto spinner or work with push notifications.


The problem​ 

It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to promote through the current marketing channels. To generate the same rage, more and more expenses have to be made with the current algorithm of those channels. It is becoming increasingly difficult for business profiles to reach organic posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, those platforms are not built to help you as an organizer. In simple words, they want to make money from advertisements..

The solution

Nocto offers a marketing & data tool for event organizations to attract more guests and build a relationship with them based on data. Through the Nocto app, events are promoted to a relevant target audience. Nocto ensures that guests come to the event earlier while during the event customers are motivated to promote the event. Data is used to interact with the public. For example, in various ways, Nocto can ensure increasing turnover.


"With Panchi, we've used the Nocto app on a number of occasions. It works perfectly for offering special deals at the start of your event so that visitors come earlier. Since Facebook is dropping and Instagram isn't really focusing on events, I am already confident that Nocto will become the new platform for this. I can't wait for the special event organizer profile to be added so that we have even more options!"

“We are looking forward to the start of Nocto in Rijswijk. A win-win situation has been created for the entrepreneur and the visitor. It's awesome that the municipality is thinking along by using this platform.”


Quincylinho Rigters

Event Organizer


disco boulen logo_Tekengebied 1.png

Max Driessen

Event Organizer

Disco Boulen

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