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The data-driven social media platform for

a vital and lively smart city.

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How does Nocto add value to a government?

Corona heavily hit the hospitality industry. The recovery of the hospitality industry is of great importance for the economy, attraction, and livability of the city. Innovations, collaboration, and data are needed to make a smart city. A smart city means that information technology is used to manage and control the city.

We do this through the Nocto app for customers and the business platform for hospitality and other partners.

How does it work?

In the Nocto app, you will find the best events and hotspots. In that way, the consumer never has to miss out on anything. Pictures and videos taken in hospitality locations and events can be easily shared in the feed. This way, people help each other to find the right place for them. For the first time, consumers have been rewarded for posting content with digital tokens called Noc. These tokens can be spent on different deals in hospitality locations and events. Nocto is a social media app, see it as an Instagram for the hospitality industry and events. 


In addition to catering locations, such as activity centers, bars, clubs, lunchrooms, hotels, and restaurants, Nocto offers a marketing & data tool to event organizations and suppliers. The tool allows them to attract more customers and build a strong relationship with them based on data. The tool is beneficial for local businesses as well. Their activities and products can become visible in the Nocto Spinner. In this way, different stakeholders work together, efficient marketing is stimulated and a win-win situation is created.


"The hospitality industry contributes a lot to a vibrant city. The municipality is helping the hospitality after a period in which this industry has been hit hard by long-term lockdowns. With this digital platform, hospitality  entrepreneurs in Rijswijk can attract and connect new and existing customers and enjoy the beauty of Rijswijk, lying in the heart of Haaglanden."


Werner van Damme

Wethouder Economische Zaken


“We are looking forward to the start of Nocto in Rijswijk. A win-win is created in a beautiful way for the entrepreneur and the visitor. Very cool that the municipality is thinking along in this way by using this platform.”


Michel Schot


De Wits

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