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Increase the visibility of your hospitality brand and
get loyal customers.

What is the Wheel of Fortune? 

The Wheel of Fortune is the newest feature of the Nocto app. It can be pinned up to 5 times per day where the first spin is for Free while every next one cost 3 Nocs. Nocs are hospitality digital tokens that have value only in the Nocto app. Nocs can be spent on food and drink deals in hospitality venues as well for spinning the Wheel of Fortune. A variety of cool prizes and awards are offered each month. There are three different types of prizes that can be won - Jackpot, Special deals, and Free Nocs

  • Jackpot Prize

- Two tickets to Ibiza 

- Special edition Vespa scooter by Nocto

  • Special deals 

Special deals vary every month and by city. They include tickets to weekend parties and the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. Vouchers for different events and activities such as football events, virtual racing, and escape rooms. Beverage and food products are part of the wheel as well - ex. Ketel 1 Hard Lemonade home package and much more. 

  • FREE Nocs awards

- 1 - 3 - 5 NOCs

How does Nocto add value to your hospitality barnd?

Just like hospitality locations, hospitality brands can also make effective use of the value that the Nocto app creates. We can ensure that by placing your product as part of winning prizes in the Wheel of Fortune, your brand will become visible to hundred of Nocto app users who are actively spinning every day. Nocto also contributes to the awareness of your brand through the app functionalities, content that we post on social media and in our newsletters, and promotions at catering locations and events. In this way, Nocto can assure you of an increase in client traffic and brand recognition, both of which will contribute to long-term business optimization.

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