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If you are a nightlife or hospitality venue, you probably know the struggles of attracting customers outside peak-hours. There are these certain times when your venue is full of people having fun and enjoying themselves, but then there are also these off-hours, where it is quiet. How can you attract customers at these specific times? We have 5 tips to attract more customers to your venue.

1. Get to know your customer

To attract customers, you first need to know who you are targeting. The first step is to understand your customers, what do they like, what are their pains and gains and how do they behave online. Our economy is changing from a service economy to an experience economy. Customers nowadays want more than just the goods or services; they want value from the product and the marketing should speak to them. With Nocto you can easily review customer data ranging from the content they share to statistics about your venue. This can be used to alter your marketing strategy to fit the pains and gains of your customers.

2. Offer Nocto deals during off-hours

Customers love discounts and free products. Customers often see discounts and deals as a huge opportunity to save money and still have a good time. From our research, it seems that discounts and deals influence customers to buy more of a product than initially planned. Offering Nocto deals during off-hours will attract more customers to your venue. Your venue is more full which can also attract people that pass by your venue. People do not want to sit in a venue when there is nobody else. Eventually, offering Nocto deals will lead to the customers spending more and being at your venue when you want to!

3. Social media promotion

Social media is a tool to share what you offer to your community. You can target your customers via social media, because that is the place where more people hang out these days. It would be beneficial to register your business to social media platforms such as Nocto, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Another benefit of using social media is that you can easily engage with your target group. By reading what they say about your business, you can change minor elements to make your venue even more attractive to your customers. Before you start, make sure you know who your audience is so that you know what tone-of-voice you should use and what kind of posts you should share.

4. Face-to-face advertising

Although social media is very popular nowadays, face-to-face marketing is still one of the best ways to go. It may have less reach than social media, but face-to-face marketing has a higher trust rate than anything else. A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a small business can ever have. Once you start noticing what satisfied customers can do for your business, you know this can have a big impact on attracting more customers. There are certain ways to get your customers to market your business, for example; target the customers in the right way, provide great customer experiences and give your customers a reason to advertise your venue. It is important to develop your customer relationships to create loyal nones. The Nocto app can be used to change your customers into live promoters of your venue. When your customers post in the Nocto app, they promote you to everyone in a 10-kilometer radius.

5. Invest in SEO

As mentioned previously, social media is important, but it is not only about posting on social media. To attract the right target group, a venue should make use of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is important to attract people via online search engines. When you search on Google, it will give you the most relevant results, followed by less-relevant or less-optimised results. If you want your local business to attract more customers, you need to be in the top results. Before you start with SEO, choose the right keywords for your business, keep the website up-to-date, provide all the right information via Google Business and keep your social media up-to-date.

How to attract more customers?

There are multiple ways to attract more customers to your venue. The main point is that the world revolves around technology nowadays. Nocto can help you attract more customers in a few ways.

So how to attract more customers with Nocto? Nocto is an app specifically designed to help venues in the nightlife community by reaching their goal. Every appearance your venue has in Nocto’s nightlife social media app will be direct exposure to your niche target audience! Once you sign-up, you will have the opportunity to feature ALL of your events into the event list! Due to the fact that our app provides location-based services, your online presence will be directed explicitly to relevant people close by and looking to go out.

In Nocto, customers share photos and videos from within your venue. This means that your venue will have organically generated visible content to potential customers in a 10 km radius. This way your own customers become your ambassadors! You can also use the authentic content to update your other social media channels rather than spending additional effort, time and resources on creating your own.

Nocto allows you to easily reach your target audience with a one-time sign-up fee rather than spending money consistently on marketing campaigns. Save your budget without compromising the effectiveness!

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