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Bijgewerkt op: 24 feb. 2021

Do you like going out, having a drink, dancing and partying? We got the right thing for you! Have great nights at our partner hotspots, including free entrance, queue skips and we will provide you with nightlife credit! Sounds good right? Keep on reading!

The hospitality social media app

Nocto’s goal is to make nightlife more fun, easy and efficient. Nocto is a social media app for hospitality and a marketing tool for the hospitality industry. With the app, photos and videos can be shared with friends and everyone within a 10-kilometer radius. By posting insights you give friends and like-minded strangers an impression of the music, the atmosphere and the attendance of the places you may want to go to. At the same time, this is great promotion for bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. In return, the digital nightlife token, Noc, can be earned and then be spent on deals such as free drinks, free entrance, queue skips and more.

When you are within 100 meters of a venue, you can upload your own photos and videos. For every 10 likes on your photo or video, you earn 1 NOC. You can also invite friends to download the app to earn NOCS (3 for every download). Nocto makes it possible for friends and strangers to help each other find the right place.

The role of a promoter

As a Nocto brand promoter, you’ll become part of the Nocto promoter family. The goal of Nocto is to optimize nightlife; to seize the night. Our brand promoters play a crucial role in achieving this goal. The “tasks” of a promoter include posting insights (pictures and videos) in the Nocto app at the events you go to, attending quite nice parties to which you will be invited via our Facebook page and to promote Nocto on social media. Sounds good right? But what else do you get?

The benefit of a promoter

As mentioned, you will be able to attend parties in your city for free and you do not have to wait in line. Next to that, we will provide you with nightlife credit via the Nocto app. Nocs can be used to purchase deals such as drinks, snacks & entrances and more. Moreover, you will also have the possibility to grow within the Nocto company. Finally, if you bring in a new bar, club, restaurant or hotel, you will get a commission!


In short, become a local nightlife promoter and optimize nightlife with us!

✓ Have fun nights out at our hotspots 

✓ Get free entrance and queue skips 

✓ Receive nightlife credit from us!

✓ Earn commissions when you bring in new Nocto clients!

Do you like going out? Want free access to parties? Want to receive free nightlife tokens?

Contact us here if you want to become a promoter!

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