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Get the most out of your student association in the Netherlands

Student organizations and clubs are an essential part of almost every student's life in the Netherlands. Joining an association is a good way to ensure that students live their best student life alongside their academic commitments! Student associations play a crucial role in student engagement and success. But how a student association can get more members and ensure student engagement and stronger member retention?

Benefits for student associations:

  • Network Growing

Growing the network is an essential part of every student association. You can encourage potential members to interact by going to a range of entertaining and interesting events. Every week Nocto is hosting different events in Rotterdam and The Hague. By starting a collaboration with Nocto we will make sure that members of your student association can participate in such events as photo booths, pub crawl, pub quizzes, student parties, organ barrel parties, and many more. Due to the different variety of events and locations, your student association members will always keep the engagement on a higher level.

  • Discover the ideal venues for your student organization parties

Keeping all members happy is the duty of every student association. However, organizing events for a large number of people with different preferences takes a lot of time and effort. Nocto has more than 300 partner venues such as bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, lunchrooms, and activity centers where events can be hosted.

  • Get discounts and many free snacks, drinks, etc.

Food is uniting people. A sit-down dinner or even a small snack with the team members will bond the team and create memories. Members can get more value from their student association membership by using the deals on the Nocto app. Nocto will make sure that your members get enough online nightlife credit that can be spent in the venues. For every download through a unique code, Nocto will reward members with €20 Nocs instead of €10. The virtual tokens can be spent at all participating hospitality locations for free drinks and food, a discount on entrance tickets, or skipping long lines at different events.

Nocto – the future of the hospitality industry

Nocto is a data-driven social media platform that connects consumers, hospitality businesses, and beverage brands in one digital space. The social media app helps users to find the right place at the right time and never miss out. To get awareness of the music, atmosphere, and attendance at different hospitality locations, app users capture and post real-time content in the app. For every 10 like of a picture or video, Nocto rewarded the user with a digital token called ‘’Noc’’. Nocs have value only in the app and can be used for deals such as free drinks, free entrance, queue skips, etc in Rotterdam, the Hague, Rijswijk, Leiden, and more future locations. There are also other ways to earn Nocs such as sharing with friends and inviting them to download the app through a personal referral code. Moreover, Nocs can be used for racing the Wheel of Fortune where different activities, event tickets, or products can be won.

6 step process that shows how Nocto app is working. First step is download the free app. The second step is find new hotspots, events and activities nearby. The third one is see and post real-time content in the app. The fourth one is earning digital tokens Nocs by getting likes on posts. The fifth step is spending tokens on drinks, snacks, tickets and more. The Six step is spinning the wheel of fortune. Win great prizes
How Nocto social media app is functioning

Registration process:

1. Download the free Nocto app

2. Create a profile with the name student association as a username

3. Go to your profile and click on "invite a friend", then "customize your referral code" Anyone who enters your code while registering will get automatically €20 catering credit instead of €10.

Easily find a solution for the future success of your student association. Help members to efficiently connect, create memories, share experiences and learn new things about their field of study and even themselves. Enjoy the hospitality industry and events to their maximum. Never miss out with the Nocto app.

Get in touch with Nocto and become part of our big community.

Check out our website or contact us for any questions or comments.

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