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This past Friday Nocto, in collaboration with Orderli and Horeko, hosted a meet and greet event for companies within the hospitality tech industry. The difficulties that Covid have created for hospitality entrepreneurs have made it necessary for companies within this industry to collaborate. Not only will this allow them to achieve their goals more efficiently, but it can also help struggling business owners make a comeback from the previous rough period. The meet and greet offered us the opportunity to discuss what is valuable about potential collaborations within the hospitality tech industry and how each of us can contribute to a more efficient and and successful reopening of the hospitality sector.


Orderli is a QR ordering app that allows guests to easily place their orders from within restaurants or bars. By allowing guests to order on their own, staff capacity is increased and fast service is ensured. With Orderli’s integration, orders are pushed directly to the POS system and staff can then make use of receipts that they are already accustomed to. This service is not only offered for restaurants and bars, but also for hotels, festivals, and events.

Orderli started two years ago right before the onset of the Corona virus. Ever since then, the company has continued to grow. They are currently seeking partnerships in order to achieve their goals with the help of complimentary companies.

“The great part about Nocto or Fully Bookers for example is that their solutions are very complimentary to our own. Given this, working together would yield beneficial results for both companies, especially to make the most of events or promotions within the hospitality industry.” – Maurits Franken, CCO & Co-Founder

Guest Plan

Guest Plan is a reservation system for guests to make online reservations and for restaurant owners to schedule bookings. The company offers a variety of valuable features that allow venues to manage deals and waiting lists, customize interfaces, create email notifications, and optimize POS systems. More than 2000 restaurants are currently using Guest Plan, the company hopes to become one of the biggest players in reservations for restaurants.

“The most important thing for us is to increase bookings for our restaurants. Seeing how Nocto has grown and how they have been able to assist their venues means that a collaboration with them would definitely help in generating more reservations.”– Bas van ‘t Wout, CEO


HorecaBrains is a network which hosts over 300 catering companies. Members are encouraged to exchange ideas and inspiration around the hospitality industry and are additionally given negotiation advice and contract comparisons. Horeca Brains also collaborates with around 60 suppliers to ensure that their network is able to make use of the best deals and collaborations. Using their 35 years of experience, the company hosts networking meetings to discuss new concepts and catering issues in hopes of continually expanding the knowledge of their members.

“Every year every member of HorecaBrains has a lot of advantage compared to locations that cannot benefit from the knowledge and preferred suppliership of HorecaBrains and Nightbrains. Based on the knowledge we gather throughout the country, every entrepreneur, from large to small, comes out stronger.” – Jeroen Veen, HorecaBrains Director


Tippr is best described as the Tinder of the hospitality industry. The app works to connect suppliers and hospitality businesses. This makes it simpler for hospitality businesses to find new inspiration, innovations, and products. At the same time, suppliers can also get in contact with as many hospitality professionals as possible in order to sell their products. Tippr then allows for direct communication and connectivity in the foodservice market.

“There is a great benefit of data in general, a lot of hospitality businesses are already utilizing data with their guests, but not with suppliers. I think there’s a lot of possibilities in doing more with data with the suppliers. For instance, it can help hospitality businesses acquire cheaper products and to always be in the know of what you need, when you need it, and when it’s arriving.” – Casper van Peet, Digital Selling Director


Nocto is a data-driven social media platform designed to connect consumers, hospitality venues, events and brands. On the social media app, consumers can share pictures and videos from within the venues and events. This content is visible for their followers as well as users within ten kilometres. For the first time, consumers get rewarded for posting, with a digital token, the Noc. Nocs can be spent on offers and deals from catering establishments. On Nocto’s business platform, hospitality businesses and brands can learn about their consumers via demographic data and behavioural insights, promote events, provide deals, and market their business efficiently.

“We are the innovators of the hospitality industry. If we join forces, we can make a bigger impact. With Nocto we connect consumers, catering establishments, events and suppliers. In addition to helping the catering industry with our service, there are several other opportunities to help each other. Think of sharing our networks, integrations to increase the value of our platform, or providing advice for growth.” – Mark Brouwers, COO & Co-Founder

It is evident then that collaborations between hospitality tech companies are beneficial in creating an optimized and more successful industry. Start-ups can learn how to manoeuvre in a new space from long-existing companies while well established companies can benefit from emerging technologies and solutions that start-ups provide. We would like to thank all of the companies who participated in Friday’s event and shared interesting ideas and perspectives about the hospitality sector. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for the future, especially as we continue to strive for the improvement of the hospitality industry for both businesses and consumers.

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