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Nocto has integrated an innovative mindset into the preexisting company, allowing us to adapt to current external conditions, Covid. With the addition of the Stoplight feature, we strive for a safe and fun reopening. Do you want to learn more about how Nocto can be of value to your city? Keep on reading!

Who is Nocto?

Nocto has previously been able to appeal to consumers' desires by presenting them with real-time, location-based content from hotspots, where they were consequently rewarded with all kinds of deals. Nocto additionally aided venues and beverages brands by presenting them with a platform on which they could promote themselves, build up a relationship with guests and get insights into customer demographics. Covid has drastically altered how the hospitality industry operates. Companies need to effectively appeal to newly created desires. Value has shifted. The focus is on safety, thereafter on the recovery of the industry.

How Did Nocto Pivot to Create Value to Stakeholders in Times of Crisis?

How can technology create value now? After talking to different stakeholders, we discovered that we need to regulate consumers to reopen safely. With the Nocto Stoplight System, we have created the opportunity for venues, consumers and government to cooperate by sharing real-time information on capacity.

What is the Value of the Nocto’s Stoplight?

Covid has led to an increased demand in:

  • Safety

  • Economic development

  • Social welfare

  • Tourist interest

The Nocto Stoplight appeals to the three prominent target groups and creates individual value for each one.


Venues have the unique opportunity to share their real-time capacity where with a green, orange or red color, they indicate the availability of seats at their venue via the Nocto app. As a consequence, they can promote when deemed possible and reduce risk if they have already reached maximum capacity. The Stoplight creates transparency and assures that more venues can fill their seats. At the same time, we ensure that everyone’s visit is safe and pleasant.


Nocto app users have the ability to view real-time, location-based updates on capacity at specific establishments. Such information ensures that consumers can make the right choices before leaving the house. As a consequence, consumers can directly visit venues that have seats available. They are able to visit venues safely during Covid times and thereafter. The Stoplight feature is part of our social media app, which adds additional value during and after the crisis.


The Stoplight system supports crowd management by spreading consumers, reduces the amount of contact moments, keeps people out of crowded areas and makes work for government official officers easier. It is beneficial to prevent people from going to busy areas instead of needing to solve a problem afterwards. As municipalities support hospitality establishments to safely and successfully reopen, they also allow venues to spread customers to decrease the risk of spreading Covid. As a consequence, there is an increase in economic development as venues are allowed to operate safely once again. The support of the municipality can also result in a positive impact on the media. Lastly, tourists reap the same benefits as consumers, yet the municipality's support can illustrate to tourists that they are taking their desires, for a safe travel experience, into consideration.

Together, we create a win-win-win solution.

Sensor Implementation

Nocto is partnering with 2MSolutions to automate the stoplight feature with sensors. At first, it was the employees responsibility to update capacity, which could result in an untrustworthy stoplight if updates are forgotten. 2MSolutions offers a customer-friendly, wireless plug-n-play sensor solution. The occupancy meter operates with infrared and does not collect personal data. By connecting 2MSolution’s plug-n-play with Nocto stoplight, hospitality establishments no longer have to manually update the app. The solution results in automatically updated insights into the number of visitors. Even after covid, AI can predict on when to promote best and formulate suggestions in regards to marketing.

Nocto Has Won Multiple Awards

Nocto’s innovation has been brought to the attention of many. On December 2nd, Nocto was proudly named “The most innovative nightlife tool during the pandemic” at the 7th edition of the International Nightlife Congress in Valencia. While Nocto’s focus is on The Netherlands, we have now also started in Brussels, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris. Several (international) municipalities are supporting Nocto’s initiative.

Contact us by email at for more information or check out our social media @Noctoapp

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