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The Hague is a city on the North Sea coast of the western Netherlands. With more than 500,000 inhabitants, the third largest city of the Netherlands and the seat of the Dutch parliament and the residence of the Dutch Royal family. The Hague is also home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. At the same time the city boasts an active nightlife scene with many bars, cafes and clubs. The Hague nightlife is having a drink on Plein, listening to live music at The Hague ‘PopHotShot’ the Grote Markt or discovering the latest acts of The Hagues underground scene at PIP Den Haag. During summer, you can experience one of many beach parties in Scheveningen as well.

What to do in The Hague?

From beach bars, over rock ‘n roll cafes to techno clubs, The Hague has something to offer for everyone. This big city bursts with energy when the sun sets. Want to know what to do in The Hague? With this The Hague nightlife guide we point you in the right direction. No matter what type of night owl you are, The Hague can provide the right nightlife experience to you. Next time you wonder about what to do in The Hague, download the free Nocto app and let us help you seize the night!

Plein The Hague

The historic Plein The Hague ('square') offers grand traditional buildings and many lunchrooms and restaurants during the daytime. By day, Plein has the feeling of an old town square in the middle of an active metropolis and from the middle of the square, the high, modern buildings around the central station are visible. At night, however, the restaurants transform in cafes and clubs. Plein The Hague is one of the main nightlife hotspots in The Hague.


In Plein square, Danzig is the place to be with crowd-pleasing local DJ’s taking the stage, who know what the people like. Danzig has been closed for a while, but now they are open again for fun nights out.

Discover for yourself why it got the Nightlife award for dance cafes during your night out!


Located on Plein, Millers is an international restaurant by day and turns into a nightclub after dinner. Be welcome at Milly on Thursday or at a other party on Friday and Saturday.

If you're in The Hague and looking for a cozy place to eat, drink and relax, Miller's is definitely worth a visit.

De Haagsche Kluis

De Haagsche Kluis is another restaurant on Plein and is located in a former bank building. This restaurant follows the same concept that Millers has. After dinner, tables and chairs are removed to make room for a DJ and a dance floor on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s.  

In addition, they also regularly organize events, including beer tastings and workshops, where customers can learn more about the different beers and their flavors.


Café Restaurant Leopold is located on the historic Plein in the center of The Hague. The Belgian Beercafe of The Hague. In addition to a nice beer, Leopold offers both indoor and outdoor dining. In addition to the dinner options, there is also the possibility to have lunch, brunch, or enjoy a drink in the bar. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists due to its central location and relaxed atmosphere.

Grote Markt The Hague

The Grote Markt in the city centre of The Hague is a former market square surrounded by restaurants and bars. Grote Markt The Hague is the place to be when the sun goes down. The compact square boasts an active nightlife scene and comes alive in the evening when people fill the tables and chairs. With the bars in the square being in such close proximity, bar hopping is a popular activity. It combines everything: coffee, dishes, cocktails and beers, all at the same square.

Zwarte Ruiter

One of the popular bars on the Grote Markt is the de Zwarte Ruiter (Black Rider).

Situated centrally at the Grote Markt, this rock bar has been open since 1988. This fun location often offers live music, an indispensable part of the lively Grote Markt. The Zwarte Ruiter combines the two faces of The Hague: the good life and the rock 'n' roll. The good life makes a comeback in the acclaimed organic kitchen, whereas during the day the cappuccinos and espressos are considered as some of The Hague's finest. 

De Boterwaag

The Boterwaag is a cafe and restaurant situated on the Grote Markt. The seventeenth-century ‘butter weigh house’ converted into a Grand Café invites guests to eat, drink and be merry. With nine beers on tap and a large bottled selection, de Boterwaag is also one of the biggest speciality beer cafés in The Hague. The mixed clientèle meet again every day for an enjoyable evening. De Boterwaag restaurant opens at five o'clock. There is a good reason why the kitchen here has been so popular for years. Good food for a very friendly price. They frequently organize themed evenings, like Salsa or Oktoberfest as well! 


Close to Grote Markt lies Paard van Troje, the biggest pop venue in music city The Hague, known for its broad and varied concert programme with pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, blues, Americana, world music, stand-up comedy, concerts, dance and much more. In the night hours on Thursday through Saturday the venue turns into a club with a wide variety of parties, from house to hip hop to techno and classics. 


Right besides the huge concert venue, the smaller Paardcafe has been opened since 2003 and was renovated in 2017 through a crowdfunding campaign. The Paardcafé is a popular music bar located in the center of The Hague, next to the famous pop stage Het Paard van Troje. Paardcafé regularly hosts live music performances by local and international artists, as well as DJ sets and other musical events. It is a popular place for lovers of different genres of music, including rock, indie, hip-hop and electronic music.


If you are looking for a place with a view, Bleyenberg has opened the very first, real rooftop bar in The Hague, ‘Het Dak’. From the 3rd floor you have a great view over the Grote Markt and the rest of the city center of The Hague. Live DJ’s help you unwind on the rooftop during the summer months. It is a popular place to meet up with your friends.

Scheveningen The Hague

Only 15 minutes by public transport from The Hague’s central station lies Scheveningen, a vacation destination for many tourists. You can lay on the beach, check out the Ferris wheel on the pier, pay a visit to the shopping mall or enjoy the best foods and drinks in one of the restaurants or beach bars.

The Pier

The famous Pier in Scheveningen is an icon on the Dutch coast. Visitors can fully enjoy a comprehensive range of food, drinks and shopping concepts on offer at the beach resort of Scheveningen's attraction, combined with the sun, sea and beach. With its light, broad thoroughfares, industrial décor, traditional food trucks, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, hotel suites and relaxed beach atmosphere, The Pier offers visitors a unique experience in a historical location.

Zwarte Pad

The Zwarte Pad is a unique and beautiful beach on the Scheveningen coast. Whilst it's less touristy than the beach to the left of the pier, it's still the place to be, with the most beach parties all summer. So if you like to party you've come to the right place. Or you can just sit back and enjoy a relaxing glass of rosé or prosecco on one of the many hip sofas. A laid-back atmosphere and a wonderful holiday feeling go hand-in-hand at the Zwarte Pad on the North Beach! 

Beach Bars

From mid-March until October the Zwarte Pad comes alive with a number of vibrant beach bars. On this section of the North Beach ('Noorderstrand'), you will mainly find hip beach clubs frequented by young, trendy beach-goers from The Hague and the surrounding area. 

Whoosah Beachclub

Whoosah is located at the Zwarte Pad of Scheveningen beach. Relaxed beach bar by day and awesome beach parties by night! This seasonal venue is a great place to spend hot summer days and nights at! The beach club is characterized by its striking decoration of scaffold wooden benches, trees, lamps and colourful cushions. During the summer weekends they dance the night away to tech-house and techno beats at the free beach parties Whoosah is known for.

Crazy Pianos

Crazy Pianos is the ultimate entertainment hotspot in Scheveningen. The fire-engine red pianos in the middle of the venue are the focal point in this music bar on the boulevard. Seven days a week, pianists entertain guests with rock, pop, Seventies, and Eighties music, along with current chart hits and well-known sing-alongs. The carefully selected musicians hailing from across the globe can truly play everything.

Colorado Charlie

Beach club Colorado Charlie is a popular beach club located in Scheveningen, near The Hague. Beach club Colorado Charlie offers a wide range of facilities including a beach bar, restaurant, lounge and a large terrace overlooking the sea.

In addition, Beach club Colorado Charlie offers a wide variety of activities, such as beach volleyball, yoga classes, paddle boarding, and surfing lessons. There is also regular live music and DJs, making it a popular place for parties and events.


Indigo Beach Club has a relaxed and informal atmosphere and offers beautiful sea views. The beach tent has a large terrace with comfortable seating and umbrellas. There is also a bar and a restaurant, where guests can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and dishes.

The Hague Nightlife Clubs

While some people enjoy bar hopping and look for more relaxed nights with friends, some nightlife enthusiasts prefer traditional nightclubs with loud sound machines and impressive light installations.


PIP is The Hague's definitive underground stage. The culture venue is located on the industrial site behind The Hague Central Station and is primarily known for its intriguing club nights. PIP is an inexpensive spot that welcomes people of all ages. Over the years, PIP has developed to become the only medium-sized stage in The Hague, where both local and national up-and-coming talent can perform. The organisation has a wide-ranging programme that includes art, electronic music, rock, dance, theatre and discussion evenings.


Magistrat is the only house and techno club in the Hague. They’re open on Fridays and Saturdays. Check the weekly program for the DJs, however if you’re a fan of drum and bass, deep house, and techno, you’re going to like Magistrat. It’s located at Kettingstraat 12b.

Club Westwood

Club Westwood is the oldest disco in the Netherlands that operates under the same name and under the same management. It opened over 50 years ago in 1967, a time during which the disco evening was provided in a wooden hut with a tea garden in Meer and Bosch. From day 1 the club focused on the Hague student and that was a great success. So great that they had to move to larger locations three times. Incredible how this piece of history still remains open to the public on every Friday. 

The Hague Nightlife Guide

The Hague clearly has a lot to offer. If you want to have an unforgettable night and be at the right place at the right time, download the free Nocto app and use it as your personal guide. Our app can help you find the bar or restaurant for your taste, see events around you, check deals at Nocto partners, get directions or order an uber within just one click.

You can browse through our event list to find relevant information about parties, restaurants and bars or scroll through the social media feed to view real-time photos & videos from within the venues taken by other users. Post pictures or videos yourself and you will earn a digital nightlife token that can be spent at Nocto partners. Not only can Nocto guide you through the night, you can earn yourself nightlife experiences such as free drinks, entrance, queue skips and more.

Do you want to improve your nights out?

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