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If you’re looking to impress a tinder date, your friend or just yourself, Nocto has outlined five amazing ways on how to make your cocktail night at home a tad more enjoyable.

1. Firstly, it is important to have conducted research on the correct ingredients, glasses and liquors you need. You must be well prepared. No one wishes to start their cocktail night and then realize they are missing key ingredients such as lime or sugar. Look into websites such as Cocktail Hammer, The Tipsy Bartender or Intoxology for detailed recipes on how to create your favorite cocktails. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new and exciting mixes. Before starting your evening, clearly outline what you need, the steps you will be taking and take out all necessary ingredients prior to starting. By doing this, you will impress, not only yourself, but your friends or date who you have invited over.

2. Our next tip is to create a cocktail theme. It is a valuable addition to your evening to incorporate a fun theme which will leave your guests extremely excited. A theme will set the tone of your event and it allows you to match the cocktails you plan on making with the theme of the evening. Themes which one could embrace are:

  • Color based theme: Create cocktails based off of a color palette and ask your guests to arrive dressed with that color

  • Around the world: Incorporate various cultures into your cocktails and embark your guests on a journey around the world

  • Hollywood: Add an elegant touch to your evening and ask your guests to come dressed in elegant attire. Make your guests feel like super stars by incorporating sophisticated snacks, decoration and cocktail glasses

  • Glitter: Make your evening shine with a glitter theme. Decorate, dress up and have fun. Just be sure not to leave a glittery mess for yourself to clean up the next day.

3. Allow your guests to each create one surprise cocktail. By doing this, your evening stays full of surprises. It is important to communicate prior to the evening which liquors or mixers you will be needing for your cocktail so you do not purchase five of the same bottles. Try to tap into the interests of your friends by creating something that they would love or perhaps incorporate an inside joke into the cocktail you create. Don’t forget to make it funny, exciting but most importantly, surprising!

4. Integrate fun games into your cocktail event. The games can be applied with your friends but also your date so you have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Some games which you everyone could take part in are:

  • Name that tune: Create a playlist of classic songs and have your guests guess the name and artist of the song as quick as possible

  • Charades: Divide you guests into two groups and play the entertaining game of charades

  • Memory in a hat: Have everyone write down a memory and place it in a hat. People must pick one and attempt to guess who’s memory that is

  • 3 truths 1 lie: Guests muy take turns in stating 3 truths and 1 lie about themselves and the rest must guess which one is the lie

By adding games to your cocktail evening, you create a joyful atmosphere where everyone gets the opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about one another. If you’re feeling kosher, try and invent your own game which is tailored to your group of friends.

5. Our last tip is to decorate! Decorate according to a theme if you choose to incorporate one. By decorating, you are reinventing your home into a cocktail setting which makes your event all the better. It is fun to add Instagramable areas where you and your friends can spend time taking pictures with your own cocktails. Consequently, you are creating amazing content for your friends or date to post on their Instagram, which will make all their followers jealous that they are not attending. Use balloons, glitter, fancy door curtains or print out aesthetic pictures of your friends and create a wall of their faces.

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