5 Must-Try Local Restaurants in Tilburg That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

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5 Must-Try Local Restaurants in Tilburg That Will Satisfy Your Cravings


This charming restaurant offers a cozy and informal atmosphere, with a focus on outdoor seating that adds to its unique appeal. What truly sets Pulcinos apart is its exceptional service, marked by its friendly and attentive staff who go the extra mile to ensure your dining experience is impeccable. Even when unexpected delays occurred, they were accommodating and understanding. Now, let's talk about the food – truffle pasta and flatbread prawn are absolute must-tries, showcasing the chef's expertise and dedication to creating memorable flavors. Pulcinos also excels in the selected paring wine list. The house red wine, with its subtle hints of leather, is a testament to their attention to detail. And of course, don't forget to savor their homemade limoncello, a signature treat that's bound to leave a lasting impression. With an excellent price-to-quality ratio, Pulcinos offers a culinary journey that's not to be missed. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, Pulcinos is a gem in Tilburg that promises a memorable dining experience.

De Burgerij

De Burgerij is a restaurant that truly stands out for its exceptional dining experience. With rave reviews like "Delivered to your home on a set table," it's clear that they take hospitality to another level. The meticulous care put into crafting their platters, featuring an extensive selection of game dishes and delectable options like crab salad and ball sandwiches, speaks volumes about their commitment to quality. But it doesn't stop there; the grand finale is a fantastic dessert that's sure to leave you wanting more. De Burgerij's dedication to delivering top-notch food and service is evident in every aspect of their offering. Whether you're seeking an intimate dining experience at their restaurant or the convenience of their home delivery, this place is an absolute must-visit for those who appreciate culinary excellence and attention to detail. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor their carefully curated dishes and indulge in a memorable dining adventure at De Burgerij.

Doloris’s Rooftop

When you find yourself in Tilburg, pay a visit to Doloris's Rooftop couldn't be more ideal. This charming restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly puts guests at ease, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a great meal. It's super close to Tilburg Centraal Station, making it incredibly convenient. It's known as a hip spot in town, and it's easy to see why. Whether you're dressed up or in casual attire, you'll feel right at home. With mouthwatering cuisine (with a long list of vegan options) and a welcoming atmosphere, Doloris's Rooftop is a must-visit romantic restaurant to have a dine out.

Giordano D'Italia

If you're seeking an authentic Italian dining experience in Tilburg, Giordano D'Italia is a must-visit destination. This traditional Italian garden restaurant has been a cherished fixture at its current address for years, steadily evolving to meet the owner's vision. What truly sets it apart is the use of garden-fresh ingredients and the culinary expertise of an Italian chef who crafts a delectable array of dishes. Giordano D'Italia offers an exceptional price-to-quality ratio, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Nestled in the heart of Reeshof, this restaurant's garden concept has blossomed into a veritable oasis. During the summer, it becomes the perfect spot to unwind, indulging in fantastic dishes and mouthwatering pizzas, all while sipping on fine wines, and it's right in your neighborhood. Plus, with a bustling events program, there's always something exciting happening at Giordano D'Italia. So, come and experience a taste of Italy close to home – avanti, avanti, let time heal you soon.

RAW Restaurant

If you're on the hunt for an extraordinary dining experience, RAW is your ultimate choice. Located in the bustling railway zone, this restaurant gives off an undeniable sense of coolness. Whether you're craving craft beers paired with tasty snacks or celebrating a special occasion with a big group of friends, RAW is the go-to spot. Its industrial-inspired decor adds a touch of urban chic, creating an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your culinary adventure. And for those who savor a perfectly medium rare steak, prepare to be delighted. RAW excels in every aspect, guaranteeing an unforgettable and delectable dining journey. So, if you're eager to elevate your dining experiences, make sure not to miss out on RAW – it's the place where exceptional food, a unique ambiance, and great memories seamlessly come together.

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