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Dordrecht is a historic city in the Dutch province of South Holland, located on the Merwede river. It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages.

In the historic center of Dordrecht, you will find many beautiful old buildings and monuments, such as the Great Church, the Nieuwkerk, and the City Hall. There are also many cozy shops, restaurants, and cafes to be found. The city has a lively cultural life with various museums.

What to do in Dordrecht?

Dordrecht is a beautiful city with lots to offer visitors. Whether you're looking for cultural attractions, cozy cafes and restaurants, or fun activities for the whole family, Dordrecht has something for everyone. Don't want to miss anything in the city? Download the free Nocto app and stay up to date on what's going on.

  • Bibelot

Bibelot is a well-known music venue and cultural center located in the center of Dordrecht. The stage was founded in 1969 and has since grown into an important location for music, theater, and other cultural events. Bibelot offers a diverse program with performances by national and international artists in various genres, such as rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, dance, and more. In addition to concerts, Bibelot also organizes other cultural activities such as lectures, comedy nights, and theater performances. Bibelot also has a cozy café called Energiehuis, where you can enjoy food and drinks before and after the concert. The café has an industrial look and offers a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a drink with friends.

  • Brandstof

Brandstof is a trendy café-restaurant in Dordrecht. It is located in a former gas station and has a unique industrial look. The interior of Brandstof is modern and cozy, with a lot of attention to detail. There are different seating areas, including a bar, a lounge area, and a terrace. Brandstof also regularly organizes events such as live music, comedy nights, and theme parties.

  • Dolhuis

Dolhuis is a monumental building with an interesting history. The building was built in the 13th century as a plague house and later served as a hospital for people with mental problems. Today, Dolhuis is a cultural location with a café-restaurant and several rooms for events. Dolhuis is also known as a popular location for events, ranging from live music and dance parties to theater performances and festivals. The building has several rooms, including a large room called the Ambachtshal. The Ambachtshal has an industrial look and offers space for various events such as concerts, dance parties, and festivals. In addition, there are also smaller rooms for more intimate events such as lectures and theater performances.

The Dolhuis has a unique atmosphere and appearance, partly due to its historical background and contemporary interior. It is a popular location for both local and international artists and events, offering a wide range of possibilities for culture, parties, and meetings.

  • Kazerne

Kazerne is a creative and cultural location in the center of Dordrecht. The building used to be an old fire station and has been converted into a place for various cultural and creative activities. Kazerne is the place to be in Dordrecht and surroundings. Kazerne has several spaces that can be rented for events with the best DJs, such as concerts, parties, meetings, and workshops. There is a large room, the fire station, and several smaller rooms for more intimate events. In addition, there is also a cozy café-restaurant where you can enjoy food and drinks.

The building has an industrial character with high ceilings, concrete floors, and steel beams, giving it a unique and cozy look. The interior is modern and cozy, with a lot of attention to detail and decoration. In addition to events, Kazerne also offers various creative and cultural activities, such as exhibitions, art markets, film evenings, and more.

Annual events in Dordrecht

  • Wantrijpop

Wantijpop is an annual music festival held in Wantijpark in Dordrecht. The festival offers a diverse range of music genres, including pop, rock, indie, and hip-hop. Both famous and emerging artists perform, and the festival attracts thousands of visitors from the region and beyond every year.

  • Dord in stoom

Dord in stoom is an annual maritime event held in the historic center of Dordrecht. During the event, dozens of historical ships gather in the harbor, and there are various activities such as cruises, demonstrations, and performances. The event attracts thousands of visitors every year and offers a unique glimpse

  • Big Rivers

Big Rivers is also an annual event in Dordrecht and is a multi-day festival that revolves around blues, roots, and jazz music. Both local and international artists perform, and there are several stages spread throughout the city center. In addition to music, there are also plenty of activities and stands where you can enjoy local products and art. Big Rivers is an important event for music and culture lovers in Dordrecht and beyond.

Dordrecht's nightlife guide

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