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A platform specifically built for the hospitality industry to attract customers and establish a strong relationship based on data.

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How does Nocto add value to your restaurant? 

A full restaurant with loyal guests ensures maximum turnover. However, it takes more and more time, money, and energy to promote through the current marketing channels. Nocto's marketing and data tool is built to simplify this process.

On the business platform, Nocto will make sure to highlight the unique aspects of your restaurant. It will be visible on the hotspot map while during some evenings we will make sure to add a recurring event to the event list. In that way, your business will become more visible to the target audience. In the Nocto app, customers will be able to post real-time videos and photos from your restaurant. Anyone nearby will be able to see these "insights". In this way, your customers will become ambassadors of the hotel. Do you want to get more clients on quiet days during the week? With Nocto you can do this in no time. Offer your deals through the Nocto app. You decide what, when and how many deals you want to offer. Think of a discount on a starter and 2-for-1 drink promotion between 16:00 - 18:00. 


Whenever a guest posts a photo or video or gets a deal via the app, data is collected. Then the gathered data can be used to stimulate recurring visits, for example by "automatic push notifications" in the Nocto app.  Nocto helps increase visibility to a relevant target group and build a relationship with customers through data.

The platform is easy to manage yourself, but the Nocto team is always there for you. In this way, we can ensure you that Nocto contributes to the growth of your company.

Register your restaurant now!

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Register your restaurant and become visible in the app
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Register your restaurant and become visible in the app

Promote events and activities to a relevant target group

Motivate customers to promote your location

Promote specific days and time slots through deals

Collect data and interact with your customers automatically

The step-by-step plan


Step 1: SIGN UP

Register your hospitality venue for free.


Once the company has been registered, we can look for a suitable package together. 


A short training will ensure that you and your team are aware of the way how everything works

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