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A safe and successful reopening

of the hospitality industry.



Nocto is a data-driven social media app that provides corona-proof interaction between consumers and catering establishments. Consumers find, share and enjoy the best hotspots while bars, clubs and restaurants effectively attract and connect with new and existing guests. Nocto has realized how technology can contribute as an innovative solution for a safe reopening of the hospitality industry.


The Dutch government strongly advises consumers to avoid crowded areas, but real-time data on such information is not available. This makes avoiding risk areas extremely difficult. Hospitality entrepreneurs must, as a consequence, disappoint guests at the door when maximum capacity has been reached, which can cause unrest and insecurity. Additionally, if consumers wish to wait to enter a venue, ques will arise at popular places while other venues will be empty. 


Catering entrepreneurs have the responsibility to observe and maintain social distance between guests and ensure that the regulations are being followed. Simultaneously, they must ensure that their business stays alive. More work is created, less income is generated and there lacks information provision about venue capacity.


With the recently added Nocto Stoplight, catering establishments have the unique ability to effectively regulate their capacity. They indicate the availability of seats at their location via the Nocto app with a green, orange or red color. Users of the free Nocto app now have the option to view real-time updates on capacity at specific venues. 


Nocto Stoplight ensures that consumers can make the right, conscious decision before they hit the road. Disappointments can be prevented and crowded areas can be avoided. Nocto Stoplight offers catering entrepreneurs the opportunity to achieve maximum capacity and to slow it down if necessary.

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When the reproduction value (R value) of Covid is low enough, the hospitality industry will partially reopen. Even then, the government will maintain their demand for people to retain a distance of 1.5 meters to prevent crowded areas in order to keep the number of contact moments low. Law enforcement are understaffed, a criticism illustrated by four trade unions, including BOA-ACP. 


There is a demand for information provision that accurately informs citizens about where to travel safely. The Stoplight ensures that citizens are dispersed, which would result in limited risk of Covid spreading. Such a provision of information can prevent crowded areas from developing and thus, make the work of law enforcement easier.  Prevention is better than curing.


The Dutch government is attempting to keep hospitality businesses alive to some extent. Restaurants and cafes are utilizing various schemes to keep their businesses running, but when a venue goes bankrupt, loans cannot always be repaid.


Consequently, young entrepreneurs are in need of financial social assistance (bijstand) and their financial capabilities are limited. The survival rate of the hospitality industry must be increased. A quick, safe and successful reopening is of great value to the economy.


The efficient spread of consumers ensures that more hospitality venues can achieve maximum capacity.


The Netherlands is currently facing the complex challenge of simultaneously protecting the health of its citizens, keeping the economy afloat and minimizing the social consequences of COVID.


It is a desire for Dutch communities to get their social life on track again. Once this happens, it will make people happier and reduce their anxiety, stress and loneliness. By tackling these needs early on, we can prevent problems in the future. The preservation of the hospitality industry contributes to quality of life in a city.


Furthermore, innovative digitalization of the hospitality industry is desirable, so that a city becomes more attractive to tourists.


The accessibility and safety of tourist hotspots is becoming increasingly relevant. In this day and age, it is of value for municipalities to show that a city is ‘pandemic-proof’ and that it takes the task of hosting seriously.


Hospitality entrepreneurs operate Nocto Stoplight with the touch of a button. To ensure that the Stoplight is 100% reliable, we will collaborate with 2MSolutions. 2MSolutions creates a comfortable and safe environment with wireless plug-n-play sensor solutions. The plug-n-play occupancy meter is a customer-friendly and informative system that provides clarity for everyone about the current capacity in a venue and is in line with the current capacity regulations in The Netherlands. Placing the plug-n-play system will lead to fewer face-to-face interactions between visitors and employees, resulting in a safe environment. By integrating physical screens at entrances, displaying the Stoplight dashboard, visitors will have an immediate overview on capacity in a venue and how many are allowed. As a consequence, no one has to worry about counting visitors in a room. The sensor operates with infrared and does not store any personal data, just like Nocto’s software. By linking the plug-n-play to Nocto Stoplight, the hospitality entrepreneur no longer has to operate the Stoplight himself. This solution ensures reliable information in the Nocto app.  


The sensors will provide insights into the number of visitors and the data is stored for only the entrepreneur to see. The insights can be utilized to gain further understanding on when to promote best. Additionally, AI prediction can generate marketing suggestions for in the future. Such a solution makes the sensors, even after Covid, relevant for the hospitality industry.

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Nocto came into contact with Digital Mainport Drechtsteden through the Startup in Residence programme, a program of the province of South Holland in which companies are linked to social issues. A joint pilot has been started in the municipality of Dordrecht to investigate whether the app can be used successfully when busy spreading out in the catering industry. Visitor counters have been placed to show where there is still room by means of the map section in the app.


Nocto has a major influence on the hard-hit hospitality industry. With the help of municipalities, we are happy to make Nocto available in your area. We offer a win-win-win solution that, with the right support, is easy to implement through The Netherlands. Nocto provides the technology, a team and a marketing communication strategy. Nocto has a long lasting value as the Stoplight is part of our app. 


Consumers and hospitality businesses are not only connected to each other on the basis of capacity, but also on the basis of overall needs. Consumers, hospitality entrepreneurs, beverage brands and municipalities all gain value from Nocto Stoplight. 


To further support the hospitality industry, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to use the basic functions of the Nocto platform for FREE. 


“The Stoplight is the key to a safe and effective reopening of the hospitality industry”


THe nocto team and partners are enthusiastic about the impact we can create collectively.

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