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Student Associations

A social media app that allows students to
enjoy the hospitality industry and events
to maximum.

How does Nocto add value to student organizations? 

Student organizations and study associations are an essential part of student life in the Netherlands. Joining an association is a great way to ensure that students live their best student life in addition to their academic commitments! Student organizations are vital as they contribute to student engagement and student success. But how can a student organization increase the number of memberships, provide an optimal experience for members and ensure that everybody is involved in the group activities while building strong relationships?


Nocto brings ecstasy to the members and the organization itself

  • €20 catering credit for all members! 

Through a unique code, we ensure that members start with €20 catering credit, instead of €10. When they download the Nocto app, they should enter this "referral code". They can spend this credit in all participating hospitality locations on drinks, snacks, entrance tickets, and more. A nice gift for all members!


  • Grow your network

Expanding the network is an essential part of any student association. Attending a variety of fun and engaging events is a great way to connect with potential members. Nocto can organize various events together with student organizations, such as pub crawls, pub quizzes, student parties, and much more. Due to the different types of events, it remains fun for the students. In addition, we can also provide a fun activity at an already-planned event.

  • Find the best venues for events

Keeping the satisfaction level of your members is a goal of every organization. However, organizing events for a large number of people takes a lot of time and effort. Nocto has more than 300 partner locations such as bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels where an event can be organized.


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