Activate your brand in and around venues

Imagine.. that you can promote your brand to a relevant audience in hundreds of venues,
that you help the venues with attracting and engaging with guests,
and that you get insights into who, where and when the brand is consumed.

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Gain insight into consumer
demographics and behaviour

The app is the tool to collect the (anonymous) data.
We use the data to learn and interact.

Motivate customers to promote your brand

Offer exclusive discounts and give rewards to the the people that are promoting you.

Venues attract guets on
specific days and times
because of you

Not every minute of the day is prime-time for a venue.
With a nice branded-deal, they attract more people.

For starting to esthablished brands

Nocto is a social app for hospitality and events. We bring consumers, venues, event organizers and brands together.

For brands, Nocto is a marketing & engagement platform. Everything we offer contribute to increasing the turnover. Marketing and sales managers of brands are looking for effective and scalable ways to promote products in and around the hospitality industry. We also see that there is little to no consumer data available.

Nocto pushes brands, via the app and other channels, in a very targeted manner to the consumer.
- Promote your brand to a relevant audience
- Become a part of Nocto's online and offline marketing campaigns
- Use Nocto as a way to get into new venues
- Use Nocto to strenghten the relationship with current venue clients
- Test innovations in a controlled environment

We work together with small brands that want to expand their clientel in a certain region and we work with multinations to stimulate consumption of a specific brand in their portfolio.

Plan an introductory meeting now!

Meet your brands' superfans

In the data, you can see who the
most loyal consumers are.

Top guests
Make data-driven decisions

Capitalize on opportunities.
Analyse data and have interaction.

  • Introduction with Account Manager

  • Visibility in hotspot map

  • Promote activities and events

Per month
  • Everything in Nocto Light

  • Promote specific timeslots via deals

  • Promotion via our marketing channels

  • Turn customers into promoters

  • Send notifications to users in a city

  • Receive promotion material

Per month
  • Everything in Nocto Pro

  • Get data insights of your customers

  • Reward loyal customers

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Access to network of partners

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