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Register your venue and become visible in the app

Promote activities and events to a relevant target group

Motivate customers to promote your venue

Promote specific days and time slots through deals

Collect data and interact with your customers automatically

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Marketing & data tool

A platform built for the hospitality industry to attract customers
      and build a strong relationship with them based on data.

For every hospitality concept

Nocto is a social media platform that brings consumers and hospitality venues together.


In the Nocto app, you will find the best events and hotspots. As a customer, you will never miss out on anything. In the app, customers can post real-time pictures and videos taken in hospitality locations and events and easily share them with others. For the first time, consumers have been rewarded for posting content with digital tokens called Noc. These tokens can be spent on different deals in hospitality locations and events. As a social media app, Nocto is seen as an Instagram for the hospitality industry. 


In Nocto's marketing & data platform, you will find all kinds of functions that contribute to increasing the turnover. Customers share photos and videos from venues with friends and everybody who is looking for a hotspot.  In addition, the business platform promotes all events and deals to a relevant target group.


Catering locations determine what, when and how many offers they would like to offer.  All this ensures that data is collected. Then the gathered data is used to ensure recurring visits. The platform is easy to manage by yourself, but the Nocto team will always be there for you.  In this way, we ensure that Nocto contributes to the growth of your company.​

Various types of hospitality locations use the Nocto platform; activity centersbars, clubs, lunchrooms, hotels en restaurants

Register your hotspot now!

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“The great thing is that this concept helps us as a host to communicate in real-time about the availability of the scarce places and it offers the clients a total overview of the entertainment options in the city without having to call each location about availability.”


Daan van Hal

Mooie Boules Rotterdam

“It is a very interesting concept that can bring value to consumers, hospitality businesses, and municipalities. I am looking forward to  our collaboration.”


Iris Wulffraat

Eetcafé Opa & Bierboutique

KHN Rotterdam