Nocto dansorgel gets the Zeeland farmers grooving their hips

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Nocto dansorgel gets the Zeeland farmers grooving their hips

Nocto brought the Rotterdam moves to the rock festival, resulting in a packed stage with a new audience at Vestrock.

On Friday, June 2nd, the Rotterdam DJs and the dansorgel moved to the village of Hulst for the weekend. Vestrock, which started as an intimate "village festival," has grown into one of the largest festivals in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. And to help them grow even further, the Nocto street organ came to lend a hand.

In the first few hours after the festival gates opened, the visitors took some time to adjust to the Urban Disco genre. But once the sun set behind the dansorgel, it was time to party. The young people gathered at the stage to let loose and dance, avoiding the older audience to freely enjoy themselves.

On the second day of the festival, it seemed like a rumor had spread among the attendees. They eagerly awaited a DJ to step behind the dansorgel and kick-start the evening. The rumor turned out to be true when DJ DEX took the stage. The brakes were released, and so were the attendees. The dansorgel originally had a set end time, but due to the immense enjoyment on the dance floor, we couldn't resist playing a few more hits. Some opted for beer yoga to loosen up their hips, but the true party animals chose the dansorgel.

The Nocto dansorgel eventually finished its performance and returned to its home base in Rotterdam. But one thing is certain: the attendees got to learn the moves of the big city. The street organ is now being restored to do it all over again next year and achieve great success once more

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