Palm - The Bastard of Beers

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Palm - The Bastard of Beers

Updated: Aug 23

PALM: Born To Twist Tradition

'We are the rebels of the beer world. Our story began with a blend of German and English brews. Right from the outset, we were destined to challenge traditions, toying with the rules, and mixing the unexpected. We engaged in a bit of "horsing around," artfully fusing the old with the new.'

A a new generation of beer enthusiasts emerges, seekers of adventure and diversity, Palm's beer rises to meet their desires. To effectively reach this fresh wave, Nocto steps into the spotlight – the ultimate platform for young individuals to share their cherished moments within the realm of hospitality. This partnership is bound to birth novel creations that will captivate not only Palm's loyal devotees but also a broader and more diverse assembly of beer aficionados.

Through the union with Nocto, Palm endeavors not only to champion their beer repertoire but also to overhaul the entire experience associated with savoring their brews. We, at Nocto, are eagerly anticipating the insights that will be shared by users while enjoying a Palm beer. The prospect is exhilarating, as together we venture into reshaping the landscape of beer enjoyment and camaraderie.

Palm. Once born from a brewing competition in Belgium in 1904. The Amber Speciale Belge was essentially a response to the invasion of English Ales and German Pilsners in the Belgian market. As clever as the Belgians were, they simply combined the drinkability of the German pilsner with the aroma and flavor of English Ale to create the Belgian Amber. A remix was born! Or, as in some families, a love child. In this case, the offspring of an English mother and a German father.

Nocto is a connoisseur of refined beverages, which is why we're excited to introduce you to Palm, a brand that deserves your attention. Palm isn't just a delightful beer; it also embodies the essence of togetherness and carries a rich tradition of brewing excellence. Their message is clear: "Taste the Flavor of Togetherness, Brewed with Tradition." And that's precisely why Nocto and Palm are a perfect match.

From this remix ideology, or rather, bastard child, we have continued to build, and over the past three years, PALM has worked hard to make the brand relevant again to young craft beer drinkers. With respect for tradition, we've given a twist to this tradition, making it relevant again and able to last for many years. Born to Twist Tradition!

PALM beer twisted with three new brews

It took a while, but the sparkling rebranding campaign 'Born to Twist Tradition' of the beloved beer brand Palm has finally launched, along with the new cans and bottles!

With unprecedented enthusiasm and creativity, the Hague-based branding agency, Alterego by Yuri Pieplenbosch, has created a masterpiece. They've designed an entirely new identity and packaging design for not one, not two, but three brand-new Palm beers!

This is a groundbreaking step as Palm is now targeting an entirely new audience.

Entry-level beer for the new generation

In 2023, the new beers, much like the traditional Palm once did, are meant to open the door to the world of craft beers for a new generation of beer drinkers—the 'centennials' born between 1997 and 2012. With a directive to create 'accessible' beers, the brewer got to work. The Weissass, 8 Horse Power (top-fermented Belgian blond), and PalmTree (tropical Ale with aromas of passion fruit and mango) are the result. The accessibility of the recipes had to be reflected in the new designs. "We kept checking the designs against that," says Max van den Berg, Art Director at Alterego and responsible for the new designs that have been on the shelves since April. "We made sure that the freshness comes through in things like the colors of the designs. And they definitely had to convey that nice rebellious feeling."

Here are the three new flavors:

Palm WeissAss – NE-Style Witbier – 5.4% ABV

A new remix! In this beer, we've combined the classic characteristics of Weizen beer with the refreshing and fruity attributes of the American New England IPA. It's a light, hazy beer with an ABV of 5.4%. It's fruity and hoppy due to the use of Mosaic, Citra, and Enigma hops, but it also has the typical spicy characteristics of a Belgian Witbier. The beer is refreshing and highly drinkable!

Drinking temperature: 4 degrees Celsius

Food pairing: Pizza, Loaded Fries, White Fish, or a delicious greasy bite

Flavor profile: Approachable, Refreshingly Fruity, Zesty

Palm 8 Horse Power – Belgian Blond – 8.0% ABV

The Palm 8 Horse Power is a top-fermented Belgian Blond beer with an ABV of 8.0%. In addition to the typical fruitiness that comes from the Belgian yeast used, you can detect and taste flavors of fruity orange and refreshing chinotto. In short, it's a surprising, refreshing, fruity, and highly drinkable beer!

Drinking temperature: 8-10 degrees Celsius

Food pairing: Finger Food, Asian Cuisine, Bitterballen, or another delicious greasy bite

Flavor profile: Orange, Chinotto, Fruity

PalmTree TropicAle – 4.6% ABV

Palm Tree is an exceptionally drinkable, crisp bottom-fermented beer with a tropical twist! Passion fruit, mango, and fruity hops are clearly recognizable in both aroma and taste, giving a true island feel while drinking.

It's bottled in a flint bottle and can be presented in a paint can with ice.

Drinking temperature: 4 degrees Celsius

Food pairing: Pizza, Loaded Fries, or a delicious greasy bite

Flavor profile: Passion Fruit, Mango, Fruity

Palm is a craft beer brewed with the utmost care and it carries a heritage that dates back to its origin in 1686. The brand's dedication to quality and taste has been perfected over the centuries, resulting in a beer that is not only delicious but also holds a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts.

The Unique Taste of Palm Beer:

Palm is more than just a beer; it's an experience that brings people together. Its distinctive flavors and centuries-old brewing techniques create a beer that is loved and cherished by beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Tradition and Community:

Palm has deep roots in tradition and community. Its longstanding history as a family-owned business highlights their commitment to quality and authenticity. Each sip of Palm beer represents not only the craftsmanship of experienced brewers but also the spirit of togetherness with friends and loved ones.

Collaboration Opportunities:

Nocto is thrilled to collaborate with Palm to bring this exceptional brand to a wider audience. We are actively seeking suitable hospitality locations to partner with. Through the Nocto app, patrons can enjoy Palm beers with special offers, while the hospitality venues attract more customers.


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